Every once in a while an enclosure is envisioned, created, constructed that crosses the line; ceasing to be solely structure, but rather architecture, art. A place where aesthetics, form and function converge harmonically with the relationship of its occupants. Where its fundamental task, its single responsibility, is to inspire an experience. A visceral experience, that must be realized by people on both the inside and out. An experience in environment so exceptional, it synaptically alters, synthesizes, and creates a neurological journey. A journey with an end result in love.

Enter Overjoy. On the edge of a pristine waterline called the Butler Chain; beyond cypress knees and palm trees; where nightly sunsets invite fireworks, and fireflies to dance in the moonlight. This is what living in Orlando is all about; in a home that invites comfort be it bermudas or black tie, Havaianas or Louboutins. A place where being yourself can mean backyard burgers and beans, as easy as, caviar on crostinis. Where the sublime qualities of all that it means to simply live, have been softly tuned and finely caressed to allow for living simply, elegantly, comfortably. Where timeless meets modern, freedom has wings, and you’ve got everything.

You’re invited to come fall in, with us.

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