LYNX LYMMO Additions Making it Easier to Get Around Downtown

Changes are coming to the LYNX LYMMO, Downtown Orlando’s fare-free bus rapid transit system, that will make it even easier to get around Downtown.

On January 24 the new LYMMO Lime Line will begin service and a new North Quarter Loop launches as part of the Orange Line.

The Lime Line provides a critical connection for the Parramore neighborhood to access LYNX Central Station, SunRail and the Downtown core. This first launch of service is limited and includes new stops at FAMU College of Law, the U.S. District Courthouse and the intersection of Robinson Street and Garland Avenue. The route will be completed in August 2016 and will include two additional stops in the Creative Village. The Orange-North Quarter Line will operate in a loop along Livingston Avenue, Magnolia Avenue, Marks Street and Orange Avenue, providing direct access to residential buildings, businesses and restaurants in Downtown’s North Quarter District.

The upgrades to LYMMO are just part of our efforts to enhance transportation options throughout Downtown Orlando:

  • SunRail, which connects commuters from three different counties to two stations in Downtown, will celebrate its second anniversary in May
  • Last year we launched Orlando’s Juice Bike Share program, which has expanded to 29 total stations
  • More than 1,000 smart parking meters were installed in 2015 and now residents and visitors can pay for parking via credit card and with their mobile phone
  • And next month carsharing returns to Downtown

LYMMO offers a key link for SunRail riders, providing a quick and convenient access to the rest of Downtown.

Providing multimodal forms of transportation connects residents to jobs and opportunity, offers an active lifestyle and reduces our impact on the environment. These options aren’t just about making it easier to get around, they are also about making our city more livable.

Learn more about our efforts to enhance Orlando’s transportation options in this blog post.

– Buddy Dyer, Mayor